No smoking

Ok, had to add this one in because it’s too good to share. One night a bunch of stoners camped at the site we had already occupied (and gone to bed). Not really happy about this, but their conversation was priceless. Let me share a gem or two; every sentence ended in ‘mannnn’, and every sentence started in ‘dude’

1) I sh:t rainbows
2) lets do some yoga tonight
3) how did you get 1/2 stick of dynamite? Random pocket trade dudeeeeee
4) I’m a terrorist. Do terrorist set up camp sites?
5) where’s the spirolinna?
6) can I game some come-in for my dinner? (referring to cumin).


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One thought on “No smoking

  1. I had to look it up, spiralina (spirulina) is a protein supliment made from microalgae (pond scum?), a lifetime supply will be sent in my first resupply–Uncle Ray and Momaroy

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