Brought to you by the letter Z

Well, I have taken two rest days. My feet are much happier today, they have been really fatigued. The schedule for today is same as yesterday. Breakfast, Internet, snack, nap, lunch, Internet, tv, snack, dinner, bed. Exciting stuff here! But I need the down time.

Z is for sleeping and zero. Taking a zero is taking a day off the trail. Zero miles. I have wifi, and will blog today about gear!


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2 thoughts on “Brought to you by the letter Z

  1. probably very wise, the weatherman showed the storm that dropped 12 inches of rain in Corpus to be in your area today.

  2. Duh, weather forcast for Hiawaasee, Ga. (is that where your are?) shows 90% chance of rain starting about now and continuing to 11 am tomorrow then down to 70 % for rest of the day.

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