Plane wreck

55 planes have wrecked in the smoky mountains. They must be in the way. Along the trail this day is the sad story of a military Phantom jet in the 80’s that killed two soldiers. The plane actually hit the opposite side of mountains, and the explosion sent these along the trail.




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2 thoughts on “Plane wreck

  1. Stump Bear,
    Delois and I researched this crash after we got off the trail. It was actually an Air Force brigadier General and Captain in 1962 who asked to go from 7000′ to 6000′ because of low visibility. The general survived the crash, a local ham operator heard him say “we crashed somewhere below Knoxville, plane is in bad shape, God have mercy on our souls”. By the time they found them 3 days later, both were dead.

  2. jayson on said:

    Been Raining here in Canyon Lake as well. Much needed and appreciated. All of the tress look great. The rest of the week looks stellar..Are you craving any particular foods?

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