Been raining and wet last few days. Camera put up in a dry bag. Will be in town tomorrow to catch up with you all! Hike on!




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4 thoughts on “Rainy

  1. Kari on said:

    G, it poured here in Houston on my way home last night, so I feel your pain. Can’t wait to catch up with you!

  2. Judy graham on said:

    Gentry you are an inspiration- looking at that smiling face in the rain makes me smile, too! You go girl!!! Hike on, indeed!

  3. Charlie on said:

    Go Chop Chop !! New boots await you in town !

  4. Sharon on said:

    Hi, G! You can soooooo do this! Love walking the trail with you – and having you do all the work! Saw your folks tonight. They are so proud – as we all are.

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