Where to start!

Last left you guys may 16. Been busy since then!!! Will try updating as much as possible at this stop. Next stop 3 or 4 days away, depending on my time!

Today’s lesson: trail slang.
I will include as much as I can!

Taking a zero – not hiking any miles
Taking a nero – nearly a zero
Shelter – a place to sleep or stay dry in the rain. Also to eat lunch etc.
Camping – flat spots along the trail that people use to camp in.
Stealth camping – camping in areas that you should not be, like the smokies were shelter only, but one could stealth in a secluded spot.
Trail days – a festival held in Damascus, VA, bunch of smelly hikers hang out and look at new gear.
Hiker funk – that smell after 4 or 5 days of no shower or bathing at all, and no deodorant, and no clean clothes.
Slack pack – hiking with out a backpack.
Trail name – nickname given to you by other hikers. I am chop chop.
Hostel – a place for cheap room and board. Sometimes has food, dinner, breakfast, laundry, Internet, showers. All the necessities.
thru hiker – someone hiking from Georgia to Maine, or the reverse. It’s written GA-ME
Section hiker – someone who does the whole trail in parts, or just a weekend hiker doing a section of the trail.


Hiker porn- the food network
Gear porn- checking out other peoples high tech gear
HiKer midnight- around 8pm…we are a wild bunch.
I will add more as I think of them. I spend all day thinking about it!


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3 thoughts on “Where to start!

  1. Kari on said:

    Remember this time last year you were trying out your hammock while we camped at the Chupacabra trail run??? You were still doing all the research and planning for the big trip 🙂 And you swore you would sleep in the hammock, ha ha

  2. Kari on said:

    that’s funny, the Food Network is porn for competitive bodybuilders too….mmmm Diners, Drive ins, and Dives….

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