Things I miss

I miss only a few things on the trail.

The dog.
Pizza from Brewster’s (with spinach)
Beer on tap.
Good Mexican food.
Breakfast tacos.

This does not mean I don’t miss my friends and family! Which I do!!! But i can email and talk to my family and friends. Zara has not learned yet how to type. I really miss my breakfast tacos from the river. And the pizza here is good, but it’s not the homemade crust of Brewsters. I miss sitting/sunning on the river bank watching sunburned toobers float by.


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3 thoughts on “Things I miss

  1. Kari on said:

    aw, look at Zara, I know she misses you too! How about missing running to swat PT? Oh wait, you have to be doing something to miss it LOL. Just kidding 😉

  2. Spence on said:

    Funny how Charlie ranks just below the dog. I know the feeling oh so well. You’re doing great, keep it up.

  3. Charlie on said:

    How come I am not at the top of that list !?
    Yep, Zara thinks your stinky sleeping bag is bliss !

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