If you know me, you know I don’t like fruit. I’ll eat kids fruit snacks, the fake gummy kind, but real fruit is a turn off for me. Only, I have been taught by a “wise old man” (hehehe) to eat the fresh blackberries, and fresh black raspberries along the trail. They are delish!!! But don’t everyone go running out and making cobbler. I still won’t eat it.


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3 thoughts on “Fruit

  1. Lacy Loosbrock on said:

    I’ve never been a huge berry eater either, but one time we found wild blueberries on the trail and I’ve never had anything better!

  2. Kari on said:

    I miss fruit more than just about anything 🙂 But, I get to eat it again for a few days before I buckle down for the next competition….and I’m sadly excited about that!

  3. Cyndy Lou hoo on said:

    I’ve got some blackberry plants with your name on them. Wonder if they’ll taste as good outside your back door?

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