And more adventures

So, Charlie slacked the group for several days, meeting us at road crossings, buying us subways for lunch, refilling the cooler with drinks. It is some kind of hot! This heat wave is super hot, the mountains are hot and dry, and hot is the only way I can describe it. Like living in an oven, or Texas.

Once charlie left us in Wednesday, the adventures just kept popping up!

In the heat of the day, we carried about a gallon of heavy liquids, coke, Gatorade and beer, up to a shelter closest to the road. We enjoyed a few warm beers, and slept for the rest of the afternoon! We taught a boys scout troop the finer art of napping thru the heat, treating their water, and applying diaper rash cream to chaffed parts. That night, we also taught them to stealth camp in a picnic area…I don’t think they wanted to break any rules, but hikers are beholden to no one.

In return, the next day the boy scouts returned the favor by slacking our packs 14 miles up the trail. This is HUGE! We hiked thru the heat without our heavy packs. We ended the afternoon in a campsite, paid for showers – took cowboy shower (this is with all clothes in), dried in the sun, and ate several meals at the campground restaurant (the Ice tea and coke photo).




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