Ok, so after Matt takes me back to the trail, I have 30 miles of a really rough section to complete. I left most of my stuff at Leslie and Matt’s house- they are now an intricate part of my adventure. I had two beautiful but difficult days of hiking. I get to waynesboro, va, and get a room at the super 8. Charlie was arriving the next night, we had agreed to meet in waynesboro. Also, my friends “the band” we’re about 3 days behind me.

So Charlie arrives, he and I spend several valuable days together hiking and slack packing hikers all over Virginia. We drove a total of over 1900 miles, 30 hours, and slacked 100+ trail miles. It was awesome! We borrowed a cooler of Matt and Leslie’s, would hit Walmart at night and fill the van with sodas, Gatorade, and various junk food.

One of the nights was the night of the big storm that came through the east coast. Many of you saw the stories on the news, but 3 of my friends were staying at the top of the highest point around, directly in the path of the storms winds! Charlie and I were luckily sleeping in the basement of a B&B.

The next day we picked up the hikers, who had to climb over numerous blow downs and fallen trees. Since the storm, the trails have been wrecked with down trees and limbs. Easy walking it is not.

The adventure continues…


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