All I could say when I saw this photo was oh my gawd!!!! Over and over again. Apparently, I’ve developed more muscle in my left calf. The right leg and right foot is along for the ride. I guess the right foot injury means I don’t push off with my right calf. But look!!! This is not trick photography or a play of angles. It is as strange as it looks. I did not believe it when my hiking partners started noticing and mentioning the difference.


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3 thoughts on “OMG!!!!

  1. Kari on said:

    WHOA! that is impressive. Either you are totally developing your left calf, or your right one is atrophying from underuse. Keep stretching that leg out!!

  2. Cyndy Lou hoo on said:

    ***wolf whistle***. Nice legs girl!!! Lopsided or not!

  3. Margaret on said:

    I agree — nice legs! The variance is a most impressive attribute 🙂

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