Harpers ferry is the traditional half way town…I really was looking forward to
Seeing it…historic town. I found it difficult to get around by foot. Luckily I Have good friends! Hadley, Rachel, Sarah, Lisa, angel and missy all came out! We took a huge toobing trip, I loved being off my feet for a day. Thanks To you all for such a huge effort. We loved our day as normal people.







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3 thoughts on “Camping

  1. Sayra on said:

    YAYEEEE! glad we could see our Connie and her hiker friends! Connies always find each other no matter where they are!!!!!!

  2. “normal people” LOL

  3. It was a pleasure to help you and your crew on the adventure of a life time. Fabrezz, open windows and a hot dry day on sunday helped defunk the hiker smell out of my car. What a great group you are hiking with.

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