More photos

So, after the previous post of the busiest hiking day ever, we had lots more adventures. One day, we hiked 10 miles to a state park. Found a cooool poooool to get out of the heat. Tugboat got a fantastic idea to go see a movie in a nearby town, so we hitched a ride there, watched a movie, walked around the mall with backpacks on, went to the bonanza buffet in the mall in the hopes of finding a ride back to the trail. It was a complete success! Found a kind family who shoved 4 smelly hikers into their mini can and took us back. Love it!





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One thought on “More photos

  1. Janet Kelly on said:

    You lovely second cousin,
    I am your Mom’s first cousin, Jan, from Hendersonville, NC. My daughter, Carolyn, gave me the link to look up all you’re getting accomplished. I am so envious of your adventurous spirt and so proud that I’m kin—-Keep up the good work—-This is my first time seeing what you’re doing—-It won’t be my last—–Jan Kelly—–Carolyn Vick’s Mom

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