My feet have failed me. I have developed plantar fasciitis particularly bad in both my feet. I started the trail
With minor PF in my right foot, which disintegrated to constant pain in my foot. Then the left foot follow suit. The pain recently has been unbearable. I’m not sure if I can handle another 1000 miles, when just 10 or 15 miles should be easy at this point, but instead is murderous to me. My mom is hear slacking us this week, and today I went to the dr instead of hiking. My feet pre-cortisone shot. Holy crap that hurt.

The pizza is for the band.



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4 thoughts on “Feet

  1. I feel your pain, I too have been battling PF in my left foot since Nov. and I just had a flair up this week causing foot cramps that kept me up at night (Advil is a girls best friend some days). My Chaco are the only shoes that don’t kill my feet – flip flops are just not an option this year. Makes sure you are stretching your calves every night (which helps) I hope the shot does the trick and seeing your mom gives you the pick you up to keep going till oct 15. Rest up and keep hiking.


  2. rbvg on said:

    love ya, kid. and no matter how much further you go- you are a rockstar in my book! be wise…we all know you CAN do anything but listen to your gut (spirit) and to your body (feet) and you will finish a winner. period.

  3. Sayra on said:

    oh no! hope it works! so proud of you!

  4. Connie on said:

    Take care of your feet first. You will need them for a long time yet! Be safe.

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