Hiking again!

Hello all!
So busy last couple of weeks. First, my trip was almost halted permanently by my sore feet. I could hardly walk, or bear weight especially once we stopped hiking each day. My mother came up to slack the band up the trail, and instead I made we drive me to a foot doctor in Philly. After two painful cortisone shots, it took a few days for my feet to heal up, but they did! In wonderful fashion as well. My horribly painful right foot is now nearly always pain free. I have developed the PF in my left foot, but we are working on it. Stretching, and wearing socks at night that stretch the muscles have really helped. Mom slacked us for 10 days up the trail. She has left, and we are at mile 1300! 800 more miles to hike. Sounds easy really. Lots of Photos to come



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7 thoughts on “Hiking again!

  1. Julie on said:

    Yay!! I bet 800 seems like nothing at this point. Can’t wait to see your pictures on top of Katahdin!

    Northern Lights

  2. yay!!! so glad that you are feeling better and back on the trail. Looking forward to more photos!!

  3. Jubilation! So glad you are walking again!! Onward!!

  4. Janet Kelly on said:

    You’re such a tough cookie—-Talked to your Mom on the phone yesterday—-will not get to see her and Caroline this trip but she told me all the details about your PF—–But you ain’t giving up—-good for you—-Will write later—–MUCH LUCK—-your second cuz, Jan

  5. Excellent! You are almost there! Just sent you a message on Facebook, check it out if you can!

  6. Hey! Glad to see this. I’ve been worried about you and your footsies! I’m so glad that you are getting better. Keep it up!!

  7. Yeeahhh!!! So glad you have had a great week and your feet are feeling better!

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