Lots of catching up!

Less than 100 miles to New Hampshire. I am doing so well. My feet hardly hurt compared to before. We hike 18-20 miles for 3 days, then rest. The band has dis-banded. Stickness has gone home, Tugboat has gone solo, and so beginning today my hike is just girls. Man world is dirty and stinky. Lady Land Rules!

FedEx is simply awesome. She and I hike at a similar pace, and can share items to lighten our load, food, fuel, etc.

I am excited for my last 500 miles. The terrain is getting much harder. The towns are further apart and the resupply situation needs more planning. Thus far, I’ve been lucky in a fly by the seat of my pants kind of way.

Enjoy the photos!






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3 thoughts on “Lots of catching up!

  1. Gentry, we will miss you this weekend but will be with you in thought and spirit!! We are so proud of you…take care and enjoy New is beautiful!! Love you!!

  2. Janet Kelly on said:

    You go, girl!!! Do you have a moniker like FEDEX and all those wimpy boys who have quit or gone ahead? SOOOO proud to know you and with your feet better trudging to the finish line—LOVE TO YOU—your cousin, Jan Kelly

  3. Leslie Sheridan on said:

    Oh no! What happened to the Stickness? 😦 And why would Tugboat leave you ladies? Sad. So good to hear that your feet are happier and you are SO close to finishing!

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