Last update

Last update while on the trail. In Maine. 246 miles to go! No cell service. We are pushing for big miles in the next two weeks. Thanks for your support! Looking to climb Katahdin October 9. Chop chop out!


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4 thoughts on “Last update

  1. GO GO GO GO GO !!! Love you, chica! Is it too late to send you some music?

  2. Judy graham on said:

    Go chop chop!!!!

  3. Adrienne W. King on said:

    Ken and I are in Vermont–just over the mountains–for my GS Roundup reunion. So proud of you; you’re almost done!

    Adrienne W. King 3302 Yorktown San Antonio, TX 78230 210-699-1107(h) 210-508-8455(c)

    “Right is right, even if no one else does it.” Juliette Gordon Low

  4. margaret burk on said:

    Wow!! Gorgeous! Enjoy the cool ( if not cold) weather!
    Can’t believe you’re almost finished!!

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