Real last update

Wow!! I will try to include as much information as I can. We are sitting in a motel in Bingham. A tiny town, but larger than our last town destination, Monson, ME. It rained for three days straight. Yesterday we had an excellent hike, although the water on the trail was shin and ankle deep. We got to a river crossing, video to be posted later. The trail leading to the water crossing was knee deep. So, an alternative plan was devised. Instead of the oh-so-dangerous river crossing, we hitched into Bingham, ME. Dried out in a motel, and today we are hitching a ride to Monson, ME to begin the 100 mile wilderness. 100 mile wilderness, is the last 114 miles before Mt. Katahdin. There are no roads or resupply. We should be carrying enough food for 10 days, but realistically, it’ll be more like 6. Speaking of food, I wanted to share our diet. I say our, because the band is back together again!!!! FedEx, tugboat and I hiking together again, it’s great. And Stickness will return at the end to climb katahdin. Anyway, our diets are reprehensible. We have whittled it down to a few things…sugar water (cokes, Gatorade, etc), sugar, candy, cookies. Beef jerkey, cream cheese, pasta. That’s about all i eat.

What else can I share??? We will reach katahdin in 6 days. Charlie and Stickness are meeting us at the campground (with cokes, I was specific in my request). – if you are reading this charlie, bring shampoo, conditioner and a few towels for showers? – We all are all ready for this hike to be over with. Loving spending time with my best friends, but we all want to be back at home. My feet hurt all the time, my knees are sore, and my back is killing me now.

Maine is beautiful. I’ll be back here. Hope to see you all soon!
Xoxo – chop chop








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7 thoughts on “Real last update

  1. Be safe, hope everything dried out-and you got a good Bfast. Happy to hear the band is back together. Charlie should know this by now but y’all need a gallon of fabreezzz before he drives y’all back. So proud of you, keep going chopchop and the band.

  2. Oh Gentry, what exactly are you putting the cream cheese on?!?! LOL Have a wonderful and safe final climb; can’t wait to catch up when you get back!! Brooke misses you too~

  3. I cant tell you how excited I am for all of you!! I have enjoyed following along as you made the journey to Katahdin. I am glad I had the chance to meet you and Tugboat and I am also looking forward to his book. Enjoy that sugar/carbohydrate buzz all the way to the end! Let the BAND Rock ON!!!!

  4. Jonnie Lyn on said:

    ROCK ON! So psyched to see you are nearing the end. I tried to find you on FB and couldn’t. I was hoping you were going to get in touch with me. (I forwarded your email to Julie and Marie as well). We are thinking about you and oh-so-impressed.

  5. Janet Ross on said:

    Welcome, Gentry to my home state! Now you know why I go home as much as I can. Would love for you to share your Maine experience with me when you return. I bet you have hit a lot of places I never saw living there. Take care and you are amazing! Oh, enjoy your friends and Charlie, glad you got to spend some time with Gentry at different stops too. Jan Ross, Cyndy’s mom.

  6. Julie Ryan on said:

    You go, girl! The day Jonnie Lyn, Marie and I got back from our little hike, there was a front page article in the Boston Globe about the AT, highlighting Monson and the 100 mile wilderness. It included a lot of insider tidbits that reminded me of you and the stories you shared with us. Wishing you and the band all the best as you conquer this last grueling piece of the trail. You and your never-ending smile are amazing! Thanks for inspiring us!

  7. Northern Lights on said:

    I`m going to miss your updates, but am so excited to see you complete this great accomplishment. woohoo!

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