Post trail post

Well! I have been home for almost 2 weeks. I have had one of two coming home parties, and even went to a wedding! I really enjoyed parts of hiking, of course the hiking was difficult, physically and mentally, but I miss all of it. I have had the most difficult time with adjusting my sleep habits. So far I’ve failed to adjust. I have lived 6 months sleeping 11 hours a night. In the last two weeks, I’ve done just that. And naps. Every day.

The other hiking side effects? I can’t move. All those hiking muscles developed over 181 days, are going soft. My knees can hardly bend, my ankles both feel sprained, my thighs and calf muscles constantly cramp up, and my feet are back to their painful selves. This could have been the case the entire trip, but I would not know. I was up to 12 Advil a day, and a bit of extra pain management at night.

Other than that, all is well! I have a healthy appetite. As in, I want only fresh food, greens, veggies, bread, cheese, fish, and all the fresh foods I could not pack out. Things I’ve not missed? Cheese-its, twizzlers, Oreos (ok, I miss those), anything little Debbie’s. Cashews and peanuts, trail mix, mice eating my food. These were my constant companions. Along with “the band.” I miss those guys like crazy.

Enjoy some photos! If you have any questions about my journey, or hiking the trail, please, leave me a comment with your email address. I’d speak to anyone about hiking the trail. It was mostly amazing. Sometimes difficult, and always challenging. I learned a lot, mainly from other people.

The people on the trail are unbelievable. If you want to do some good in the world, pack a cooler full of sodas and beers, buy out a snack isle at Walmart, and pass out food for the fun of it – anywhere along the trail. Take your kids along. Show them how fun giving can be, just to give.

I can remember each day, especially in photos. And locations. I wish i took more photos. My 2,000 will not cut it. I wished I had more photos of people along the trail. Lots of people along the way were fantastic, giving food, rides, or just support. Perfect strangers and good friends kept me hiking.

It is my hope that I can share some of the kindness shown to me, back to you. To everyone.

Chop chop.
GA-ME 2012


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2 thoughts on “Post trail post

  1. Aw, Gentry, what a sweet and heartfelt post. I’m sure your trail buddies miss you as well, although your Houston friends are SO happy you’re back! We need to set up a cooking date – no trail mix or packaged snacks 🙂

  2. Go get yourself a massage… Swimming might help the pain too. As for your feet stretch your calves a lot, I know that sound nuts but it helps your feet. Now sit on the sofa and watch 6 months of tv you missed.

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