The days are just beautiful. Hot, sun, cafes, wifi. But just gorgeous. I’ll post several photos for you all!







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2 thoughts on “Lovely

  1. Ray Jahn on said:

    to go all that way to be unfaithful to Zara, can ;you ever be forgiven? Of course, Bring back spanish dog biscuiits!

  2. Kari on said:

    wow, looks like it warmed up!!! gorgeous, and you look so happy 😄
    Zara’s going to know you cheated on her LOL
    I am just getting back on a strict program…I had like 10 days “off” with lots of cheat meals (where to start? pizza. mexican. alcohol. donuts. crepe w nutella. ice cream and frozen yogurt – not the same night. food truck fun during the summer fest with emily. omg my belly is all gross and bloated looking. poor ernesto!)
    soooo, i leave 4 weeks from today for new york and my first ‘national level’ show – the ones you have to qualify for. everyone will look amazing, so it’s a good experience and hopefully i don’t embarrass myself. not sure if we will catch each other – i think you get back right around that time.
    happy trails!!!! xo
    Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2013 15:21:34 +0000

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